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Our experience allows us to knowledgeably and quickly evaluate your estate items from antique/vintage furniture, art, clothing, jewelry, to everyday DVD’s and kitchen items. We’ve always told clients how surprised they would be with what is considered collectable. There is a growing trend in reducing; reusing and recycling so, do not throw anything away! From the newspaper clippings in the attack to old oil cans in the garage, people are looking for it and you have it, so let’s sell it. Our goal is also to make your move not only carefree but lucrative.
YES, Your Estate Solution advertises for your estate sale assertively. We have a vast mailing list of collectors, both expert and the dabbler that we notify. We will personally contact collectors with particular interests. We will also provide signage for the roadways to direct traffic. We are bonded, insured, and experienced. Our 3 top estate evaluators have 80 years experience combined estate evaluation knowledge. So call us today for your FREE CONSULTATION.

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Not sure an estate sale is right for you? We have other options. Depending on your time frame, we can send your valuable estate items to appropriate auction houses where they specialize in your particular treasures and can be most lucrative for you. We can facilitate an estate buy out where a retailer will come in and offer a total sum for your whole estate. This is the quickest method to liquidate an estate but not the most lucrative. We can also piece out items to sell on EBay where we can compete in a world wide market for your particular valuables. Whatever you and your families particular situation, we can accomodate you. 

"A huge thank you for helping me with a recent downsizing and move. The process was overwhelming and YES  relieved all of my anxiety. They helped me sort through furniture to determine what to sell and what to keep. She even created a scale drawing of my new home and suggested furniture placement. When you’re downsizing and parting with a lifetime of treasures, it’s consoling to have someone so kind, caring and professional. YES's hard work, efficiency, and professionalism was evident from the get go. Thank you!"  Molly W. Client


"They really understood my sentimental attachment to my possessions. After my husband passed away I felt paralyzed. I was having a hard time downsizing for my move into a smaller home.  Y.E.S. helped me with the floor plan of my new smaller space so I could visualize everything I was able to fit. My move was easy and carefree! My new home is so comfortable and beautifully decorated! I'm happily surrounded by all our great memories. Thank You!"  M.L.R. Client

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