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We provide Interior Decorating and redesign for those wanting a new look entirely or just a redesign using what you already have and love. Having  a degree in Interior Design from VCU, understanding the world of antiques and history and organizing, YES, can create that look you’ve been admiring but just cant quite achieve. Our interiors are a direct reflection of who we are as individuals and families. Keeping your home looking great and functioning in a well organized manner is very important in the busy lives we lead. We have worked most with families and individuals who are collectors that have become overwhelmed and at a loss of how to handle, display and organize, their collections. Although, we can help anyone and look forward to it.

On a budget? Of course you are. We all are. Affording to transform your home without the pressure of buying expensive furnishings and decor in a redesign will put you and your family at ease. By using your existing furniture and décor, We can recreate a fresh, functioning and beautiful environment for you.
Interior Redesign is perfect for:

  • New home buyers who need a hand with furniture placement and accessories.

  • Busy professionals who are overwhelmed and want to update and revive their living spaces.

  • Anyone who is down-sizing and needs help deciding what works in their next home. We can also help you downsize and move!

  • You just simply need to bring new life into your home.

  • Blended households deciding on which pieces to keep and what to sell.

  • Those who have inherited heirlooms they can’t seem to part with, but are not sure how to best incorporate into their design plan.

Give us a call and we'll set up an appointment for a consultation. If your waiting to sell heirlooms, furnishings, etc. to get the best profit, we can help you with this too!

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"A huge thank you for helping me with a recent downsizing and move. The process was overwhelming and she relieved all of my anxiety. Robin helped me sort through furniture to determine what to sell and what to keep. She even created a scale drawing of my new home and suggested furniture placement. When you’re downsizing and parting with a lifetime of treasures, it’s consoling to have someone so kind, caring and professional. Robin’s hard work, efficiency, and professionalism was evident from the get go. Thank you!"  Molly W. Client

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